Investment consultancy

organizing investment seminars, business research activities and product exhibitions; introducing investment environment, presenting investment investigation report/feasibility study, recommending business partners, and participating in government’s investment promotion activities.

Commercial secretarial services

preparing project proposals for foreign, local invested enterprises and their subsidiaries and assisting in setup applications and procedures; providing other related commercial secretarial services; applying for various kinds of permits, certificates and licenses; providing related registration services for Hong Kong companies.

Finance and taxation agency

providing consultancy on finance and tax regulations, rules, ordinances and other related policies; guidance on and assistance in account book setup, proper book-keeping & clearance, and establishment & declaration of financial accounts.

HR Services

Executive search (for senior personnel): selecting appropriate senior personnel based on the information offered by the clients.

Marketing outsourcing service, include market research, promotion, training management, and storage and logistic management etc.

Personnel agency service: providing recruitment services; HR commercial services (including business travel passports and visas, personnel archives management, etc.) Jobs outsourcing service

Company Register

A set of services of company register (including foreign, domestic and Hong Kong company), such as preparing related documents, application for various approvals and licenses, even providing address and phone number for registration.

Plant Construction Consultancy

One-stop service for construction of new-built plant or plant extension, including application, verification and acceptance in aspects of environmental protection, planning, construction, fire-control, municipal administration, power supply, water supply, hygiene, labor safety, etc. with different governmental departments.

About Us

Who We Are

Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is an investment consulting agent designated by the Administrative Committee of GDD to attract and promote foreign investment in the area. GDD consists of four functional zones namely, GETDD, GFTZ, GEPZ, GHNTDZ. Our company is located in GETDD,one ... Read More

Why choose us?

  • Professional consulting services.
  • Customize solutions to meet your needs and reduce costs.
  • Commitment to keep a stable and long-term pleasant cooperative relationship.
  • Effective communication and flexible practices make high efficiency with quality.


  • Our services are not limited to the above stated, and we also not only serve the companies in Guangzhou.Welcome to contact us!


  • Our services are not limited to the above stated, and we also not only serve the companies in Guangzhou.Welcome to contact us!


  • Our services are not limited to the above stated, and we also not only serve the companies in Guangzhou.Welcome to contact us!


Serving Clients


Mitsui & Co., Ltd., BANDAI, Itochu, Sumitomo Corp. Marubeni, Daikin Air-conditioning, Nesic, NEC, DIC, Mitsubishi Electrics, Toyota Tsusho, Nagase, Sanko Gosei, Tokyo Zairyo, Okaya Guangzhou Co.,LTD, Inabata Sangyo, Asahi Sho-Ko, Dunlop, etc.


LG, Samsung, Goodmass, Ssang Yong, etc.

USA, European

Castrol, Textron, Perse Co, Laeis Bucher, Helm, Wirtgen, Melchers, FGV, Shandwick, Solar Time Ltd, Rehau、Connell Bros. Co., Ltd, RTI, Okaya Guangzhou Co.,LTD, etc.


Topco, Etemal, Yuanjen Trading Co., Ltd., Grand, Molecule, Anglee Comestic Co., Ltd., etc.

Hong Kong

Havi Food Services, King Fook Holdings Ltd., Chow Tai Fook, Key On, Hercules, MTC Tooling Systems Ltd., Dunwell Industrial Ltd, Sunflower, Hirsch、Schmidt Ltd. etc.


Mimocrys, Hualing Electric appliance, etc.

1.DIC (GUANGZHOU) CO., LTD is a foreign enterprise, registered in GDD, Guangzhou. DIC is also our old client in various businesses. We keep a good relation in commercial secretarial service and finance & taxation service for a long time.

2.GUANGZHOU NAGASE TRADING LIMITED, keeps a pleasant long-term cooperative relation with us in commercial secretarial service and finance & taxation service. Guangzhou Nagase is invested by Nagase (Hong Kong) Limited with its registered capital of US$ 12,500,000.00.

3.SUMITOMO CORPORATION (GUANGZHOU) LTD. is a whole foreign own enterprise in GFTZ, whose registered capital is 12500 thousand dollars. Sumitomo Guangzhou is our long-term client in commercial secretarial service and other businesses.

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